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Inflatable Hot Air Advertising Balloon for retail stores in the Charleston, South Carolina area


Big Dawg Advertising is your one stop for all your advertising and marketing needs. We’re based out of South Carolina, but we travel all over the South, including to the following areas:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Asheville, NC
  • Wilmington, NC
  • Greenville, SC
  • Columbia, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Johnson City, TN
  • Savannah, GA
  • Augusta, GA
  • Roanoke, Virginia

We specialize in making sure your promotion is the most visible and most talked about thing in the entire Southern region. We’ll be there when you need us! Check out our advertising flags, cloudbusters, tube dancers, custom inflatables and advertising balloons for your next event.